“Sound Of The Trumpet” began in 1999 and is now focused on “Stones Cry”. The inspiration for this name comes from Luke 19:40. The music leans towards easy listening, uplifting and inspirational worship music. The ministry now consists of Joel Finnesgard, his wife (of 33 years) June and their children Joy (16) and Josiah (14). In 2019 they released their first CD as a family “Stones Cry The EP”. Joel is still playing some trumpet as well as electric guitar. June is on drums and some vocals. Joy is providing lead vocal along with acoustic guitar and keyboard. Josiah is filling in on the bass, 12 string hollow body electric guitar and vocals. From time to time you may also hear a variety of other instruments. The Finnesgards enjoy sharing this ministry throughout much of the country. Most winters find them in the southern half of the country and other regions during the rest of the year. Joel was born in NW North Dakota in 1965. He was involved in the family farm and graduated from Divide County High School in 1983. He studied music two winters at Eastern Montana College in Billings, Montana and farmed with his father and brother in North Dakota for three years prior to moving to California in 1987. He moved to help with a home mission church (Victoria Community Church) in Rancho Cucamonga as a volunteer. In 1989 Joel married June (daughter of former missionaries Lu and Addie Mathison.) He worked in commercial construction until August 1999. Since then Sound Of The Trumpet has been a full time ministry. That has included recording seven albums (“Sound Of The Trumpet,” “Silver Christmas,” “Trumpet of Praise,” “Sound Of Freedom,” “Trumpet Of Hymns,” “Trumpet Of Worship” and most recently “Waves Of Worship”), one DVD (“Soundscapes”) and over 1,000 performances throughout the United States and Canada. He has studied trumpet under the late MGM principal studio trumpet player Uan Rasey, originally from Glasgow, Montana. Some of his influences include gospel artists Phil Driscoll, Dan Oxley and Chiz Rider. Other artists include Maynard Ferguson, Chuck Mangione, and Doc Severinson. In 2001 June resigned her position as a CPA in California. She now helps out with administrative and music support.

“Sound Of The Trumpet” incorporated in 2002 as a non-profit organization (donations are tax-deductible.) “Stones Cry” is currently under this umbrela. This ministry is overseen by a board of directors. The board consists of six members of varied backgrounds all with a strong vision for ministry. Church concerts are the primary venue for ministry. Christian schools and nursing homes are an avenue of ministry as well. Church concerts are provided on a love-offering basis. Honorariums for Christian Schools and nursing homes are appreciated. Concerts include a blend of traditional and contemporary music. Multi-media supports the message in music. Scripture and personal connection to the music is shared as appropriate. The multi-media includes scenic pictures and videos as well as lyrics for several songs. There is opportunity for audience singing. Many people experience these concerts more like a worship service rather than entertainment. This ministry can be used as a stand alone event or incorporated into a morning worship service. Some churches use “Stones Cry” in leu of their own worship team. Everyone can use a break once in awhile. Preachers have even taken a break and enjoyed a unique time of ministry.

As Stones Cry continues to blossom, Sound of the Trumpet is not yet over. Starting to emerge into the digital world, Lord willing instrumental trumpet music from Joel Finnesgard will continue to be produced and released for many years to come.

Stones Cry Promo Video